Energy Audits

A home energy audit is a service we offer where the energy efficiency of a house is evaluated by a qualified person (BPI certified) using professional equipment (such as blower doors and infra-red cameras), with the aim to suggest the best ways to improve energy efficiency in heating and cooling the house and the indoor air quality.

This may involve recording various characteristics of the building envelope including the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and skylights. For each of these components the area and resistance to heat flow (R-value) is measured or estimated. The leakage rate or infiltration of air through the building envelope is of concern which are strongly affected by window construction and quality of door seals such as weatherstripping. The goal of this exercise is to quantify the building's overall thermal performance. The audit may also assess the efficiency, physical condition, and programming of mechanical systems such as the heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment, and thermostat. We will evaluate the site conditions such as exterior cladding and insulation values.

2 types of energy audits

• Type I – Walk-through audit: Preliminary analysis made to assess building energy efficiency to identify simple and low-cost improvements but also a list of energy conservation measures (ECMs, or energy conservation opportunities, ECOs) to orient the future detailed audit. This inspection is based on visual verifications, study of installed equipment and operating data and detailed analysis of recorded energy consumption.

• Type II – Detailed/General energy audit: Based on the results of the Type I, this type of energy audit consists in energy use survey in order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the studied installation, a more detailed analysis of the home, a breakdown of the energy use and a first quantitative evaluation of the ECOs/ECMs selected to correct the defects or improve the existing installation. This level of analysis involves advanced on-site measurements and sophisticated computer based simulation tools to evaluate precisely the selected energy retrofits. To insure the integrity of your home, Allied Home Inspections also offers a maintenance program. This involves monthly, seasonal and yearly recommendations.

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